The following operation is supported on this resource:

GET /login-status Version 1

This API can be used to check the state of the user session created by the /api/space/user-management/login API or invalidated by the /api/space/user-management/logout API.

Both the JSESSIONID and JSESSIONIDSSO headers must be passed to the API, in order for the API to locate the user session.

This is automatically done by most HTTP Clients.

If the user session is valid, then a 200 (Success) Error Code will be returned by the API, along with the response body of:

                        User is logged in

Otherwise, a 401 (Unauthorized) Error Code will be returned.

Note that, most of the time, the client doesn't need to call this API, because, any Space API which requires authentication, will return a 401 (Unauthorized) Error Code. However, this is the only API which actually verifies that an active user session can be used to access other REST APIs.

  • 401 (Unauthorized) - Incorrect headers were passed in to the API.
  • 412 (Precondition Failed) - Correct headers were passed in, but logout was still unsuccessful.

Sample Usage

GET /login-status

Access Control

The following capabilities are required to access this API: DefaultRead