The following operation is supported on this resource:

  • POST - Schedule Purging Job
POST /run-purging-operations Version 1

Trigger a "Purging Task" in Junos Space to clean up server disk space. The job deletes old database backups, configuration files, reports and other files. Old files, which are no longer needed are deleted from all Junos Space cluster nodes. The job will retain the number of files configured by a threshold value. If the number of files found on each server is at or below the threshold value, no files will be deleted.

Sample Usage

This API makes an asynchronous method call; so, you can optionally specify queue and schedule parameters:

POST /run-purging-operations?queue=<queue>&schedule=<schedule>

Note: The queue URL denoted by <queue> must have been created already.

  • Parameters:
    Name Type URI Type Description Required
    queue Queue URL Query A fully qualified queue URL, where job progress notifications will be sent (See Asynchronous API Usage) N
    schedule cron-like-expression Query Schedule this API in the future, by specifying a cron-like-expression (See Job Scheduling) N
  • Sample Input XML:

  • Sample Input JSON:
       "schedule-purging-job-request" : {
         "category-ids" : {
           "category-id" : "String"
         } ,
         "ipaddress" : "String"

  • Access Control

    The following capabilities are required to access this API: ModifyPurgingPolicy