/api/space/user-management/roles (v1)

The following operations are supported on this resource:

  • GET - Get all roles
GET /roles
Version 1

This API is used to retrieve all the roles, returning a collection of roles.

Sample Usage

GET /roles

  • Sample Output XML:
    <roles size="3" uri="/api/space/user-management/roles" >
      <role key="54" uri="/api/space/user-management/roles/54"
       href="/api/space/user-management/roles/54" >
      <role key="56" uri="/api/space/user-management/roles/56"
       href="/api/space/user-management/roles/56" >
      <role key="58" uri="/api/space/user-management/roles/58"
       href="/api/space/user-management/roles/58" >

  • Sample Output JSON:
      "roles": {
          "@size":"3",       "@uri":"api/space/user-management/roles",
               "@uri": "/api/space/user-management/roles/54",
               "@href": "/api/space/user-management/roles/54",
               "name": "superAdmin"
               "@uri": "/api/space/user-management/roles/56",
               "@href": "/api/space/user-management/roles/56",
               "name": "userAdmin"          },
               "@uri": "/api/space/user-management/roles/58",
               "@href": "/api/space/user-management/roles/58",
               "name": "tagsAdmin"}

  • Access Control

    The following capabilities are required to access this API: ReadRole

      For the current version of this API, refer to :
    • version 3