The following operation is supported on this resource:

  • GET - Get all audit logs in Junos Space
GET /audit-logs Version 1

This API retrieves all audit log entries stored in the database. It returns record entries along with a link to an individual entry. It supports filtering, sorting, and paging.

Filtering and sorting is supported on the following fields:

  • userName
  • userIpAddr
  • description
  • logTime
  • applicationName
  • taskName
  • result


  • The 'logTime' field is a timestamp field. By default, 'logTime' is returned for the UTC time zone, but clients can get 'logTime' in their time zone by sending an x-date header in the HTTP request.

  • The 'logTime' field supports . For example:
    /api/space/audit-log-management/audit-logs?filter=(logTime eq timestamp('2011-08-29 11:01:25'))
    /api/space/audit-log-management/audit-logs?filter=(logTime gt timestamp('2011-08-29 11:01:25'))

  • For more information about timestamp filtering, see the Junos Space SDK Application Developer Guide.

Sample Usage

GET /audit-logs

  • Sample Output XML:
    <audit-logs uri="/api/space/audit-log-management/audit-logs" size="2">
      <audit-log href="/api/space/audit-log-management/audit-logs/262840"
                   uri="/api/space/audit-log-management/audit-logs/262840" key="262840">
        <description>Job: Run Device Discovery Profile.</description>
        <logTime>2011-08-29 10:16:18 IST</logTime>
        <applicationName>Network Management Platform</applicationName>
        <result>Job Scheduled</result>

  • Sample Output JSON:

      "audit-logs": {
          "@uri": "/api/space/audit-log-management/audit-logs",
                  "description":"Job: Run Device Discovery Profile.",
                  "logTime":"2011-08-29 11:09:18 IST",
                  "applicationName":"Network Management Platform",
                  "taskName":"Run Now Device Discovery Profile",
                  "result":"Job Scheduled" ,
                  "jobId":"1081344" ,

  • Access Control

    The following capabilities are required to access this API: ReadAuditLogs