/api/space/tag-management/tags (v1)

The following operations are supported on this resource:

  • GET - Get all tags
GET /tags
Version 1

This API returns a collection of tag objects accessible to a user. These tag objects contain basic tag information and a URI to tag the object to fetch more information. It also supports filtering, paging, and sorting on a name field.

Note: Filtering on the'type' field works only for the 'eq' operator.


Sample Usage

GET /tags

  • Sample Output XML:

    <tags size="2" uri="/api/space/tag-management/tags">
       <tag uri="/api/space/tag-management/tags/458765" href="/api/space/tag-management/tags/458765">
       <tag uri="/api/space/tag-management/tags/458766" href="/api/space/tag-management/tags/458766">
          <targets uri="/api/space/tag-management/tags/458766/targets">
             <target type="vnd.net.juniper.space.user-management.user" href="/api/space/user-management/users/1234" uri="/api/space/tag-management/tags/458766/targets/458767"/>

  • Sample Output JSON:
          "tag": [
                "@uri": "/api/space/tag-management/tags/458765",
                "@href": "/api/space/tag-management/tags/458765",
                "id":458765 ,
                "name": "Junos",
                "type": "private"
                "@uri": "/api/space/tag-management/tags/458766",
                "@href": "/api/space/tag-management/tags/458766",
                "id":458766 ,
                "name": "Junos-tag",
                "type": "private",
                "targets": {
                    "target": {
                        "@uri": "/api/space/tag-management/tags/458766/targets/458767"

  • Access Control

    The following capabilities are required to access this API: DefaultRead

      For the current version of this API, refer to :
    • version 3