Junos Space SDK Documentation

Junos Space SDK

The Junos Space SDK is a set of APIs that you can use to build applications hosted on the Junos Space platform. Its unique benefits and ease of use are complemented by the availability of a detailed Developer Guide and the API Reference Manual.


The Junos Space SDK enables developers to create and deploy innovative, network-aware applications tailored to fit their business needs. Junos Space SDK platform web service APIs abstract the network to simplify access to Network Insight, enabling the development of custom network applications and services. Developers can extend the capabilities of existing applications with Network Insight, build new and unique workflows, or combine the capabilities of multiple applications or cloud-based services into a unified user experience or application.

Real-time policy management, usage tracking, energy use and management, custom workflows, self-service user interfaces, enhanced business intelligence apps, user management, subscription coordination, compliance, QoS, and many other facilities can be created. Our developer-centric approach reduces the complexity of building network-aware applications, keeping developers focused on custom workflows and business logic instead of interfaces to complex infrastructure technology, an error-prone practice that can create significant security risks.

Ease of Use

The APIs provide a language-agnostic method for applications hosted on the Junos Space Platform or externally to gather network intelligence for value-added applications. Using Junos Space RESTful Web Service APIs, developers have access to network intelligence without the need to understand the complexities of software implementations. Getting started is simple. The Junos Space plug-in for Eclipse provides a rapid development, test, and simulation environment. The wizard-based approach of the plug-in guides the developer through the process of building applications that are designed to get insight and take action on the network.

The Junos Space SDK documentation includes the following:

Getting Help

For assistance using the SDK: