The Script Management Service provides the capability to efficiently manage device scripts and to deploy them to managed devices. A list of REST URIs is provided below for managing script-related data.

Juniper Networks provides an online library of automation scripts. These automation scripts are categorized by function and can be found at:

Script Management Services Version 3.

Service Root


Methods and Collections

method method /match-scripts-by-context

REST Resources

The following APIs support asynchronous method calls. You can use an optional queue parameter, but the queue must have been created previously. For further details, see the following:

  • /exec-deploy POST

  • /exec-scripts POST

  • /scripts/exec-deploy POST

  • /scripts/exec-deploy POST

  • /scripts/exec-disable PUT

  • /scripts/exec-disable POST

  • /scripts/exec-enable PUT

  • /scripts/exec-enable POST

  • /scripts/exec-remove PUT

  • /scripts/exec-remove POST

  • /scripts/exec-scripts POST

  • /scripts/exec-verify PUT

  • /scripts/exec-verify POST

  • /scripts/{script-id} DELETE

  • For receiving asynchronous responses on a queue URL, see the following links:

  • Asynchronous API Usage.

  • For more information about job scheduling, see the following links:

  • Job Scheduling.

  • Data Notification

    The following APIs support data notification:

  • /scripts POST

  • /scripts/{script-id} PUT

  • /scripts/{script-id} DELETE