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The Audit Log Management Service provides a listing of audit logs that are recorded for operations initiated by either the Space UI or REST APIs in the system. With the exception of user login operations, audit log records are only made for operations that insert, modify, or delete records in the database.

Audit log records include the following information:

  • Name of the user who initiated the operation.
  • User's IP address.
  • Short description of the operation.
  • Timestamp when the operation was performed.
  • Name of application performing the operation or "REST" for REST calls.
  • Name of UI task performing the operation (in case of UI initiated operation) or name of the REST API method for REST calls.
  • Results of the operation.
  • Link to job (if operation is a job).

A list of REST URIs is provided in the Resources section to perform various operations.

If an application needs to provide information to the Audit Log Service, it can use the information about audit logging described in the Junos Space SDK Application Developer Guide.

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Service Root


Methods and Collections

method /archive-purge-audit-logs

REST Resources

The following APIs support asynchronous method calls. You can use an optional queue parameter, but the queue must have been created previously. For further details, see the following:

  • /archive-purge-audit-logs POST

  • /archive-purge-audit-logs POST

  • For receiving asynchronous responses on a queue URL, see the following links:

  • Asynchronous API Usage.

  • For more information about job scheduling, see the following links:

  • Job Scheduling.