Vconnector API

The Vconnector API RESTful web services allow you to create a service instance connection between the Virtual Director application running on the Junos Space Platform and a virtualization provider. A virtualized provider is composed of a set of remote servers that host Firefly Perimeter instances.

Over the service instance connection that it establishes, Virtual Director directs the virtualization provider to provide virtualized resources and it instructs the provider on how to manage them. For the current release, VMware vCenter version 5.0 and higher is the only supported virtualization provider. VMware vCenter is a centralized ESXi server manager. Virtual Director can instruct VMware vCenter to provision a virtual machine (VM) on an ESXi server and instantiate Firefly Perimeter in that provisioned VM. In addition to creating one, it can direct VMware vCenter to delete or clone a Firefly Perimeter instance and to perform other management functions. Virtual Director allows you to select over the service instance connection to VMware vCenter, in this case, the virtualized data center and a server in that data center to be used to host the Firefly Perimeter instance.

Here is typical example of how to create and use a service instance connection using the Vconnector APIs.
  • POST: Add a virtualization provider connection by calling the addVirtualprovider() function.
  • Specify the following parameters:
    • The custom logical name for the virtualization provider.
    • The virtualization provider network address.
    • Your vCenter Server user name. This is the administration account name.
    • Your vCenter Server password.
    • The virtualization provider type, which for this release must be VMware vCenter Server.
  • GET: Obtain a list of virtualization providers.
  • PROVISION and PROVISION TEMPLATE services: Select the virtualization provider to host the Firefly Perimeter instance that you want VMware vCenter to create.

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