Fault and Performance API


Acknowledgements in OpenNMS APIs allow you to monitor your network and performance. Acknowledgements are transmission messages that indicate that the information sent is received successfully without any errors.

APIs for Acknowledgements

  • /api/space/opennms/acks

    Returns a list of acknowledgements.

  • /api/space/opennms/acks/count

    Returns the number of acknowledgements. This API returns plain text only (instead of XML or JSON format).

  • /api/space/opennms/acks/{id}

    Returns the acknowledgement specified by the given ID. Note that you can refer to a Space node by either its OpenNMS node ID or by its Space device ID as a foreign source.

For more information about referencing a Space device ID as a foreign source and ID pair within OpenNMS APIs, see the "Mapping Space Device IDs to OpenNMS Node IDs" section of the Fault and Performance APIs topic.