Junos Space SDK

REST Explorer Guide

REST Explorer is an Eclipse view component designed to configure and send HTTP/REST requests and display the resulting HTTP responses. It provides content assistance for URL paths, headers, parameters, and the XML body as well as supporting content configurable coloring and formatting.

Application developers can use REST Explorer to browse and invoke Junos Space REST services.

For more information about the REST Explorer, see the following topics:

You can invoke the SDK REST Explorer in one of two ways:

Either of these actions opens the REST Explorer view, which you can drag, resized, or minimized just like any other Eclipse view.

Note: The REST Explorer requires J2EE Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo) or above as a base when installed separately from Junos Space SDK.

Important: To access Junos Space Services, the Junos Space Virtual Appliance (JSVA) must be available and configured in the REST Explorer Preferences dialog. If the Junos Space SDK is installed on the current computer and JSVA is configured, use "JSVA Synchronization" in the Preference menu as shown in the figure below. In this mode, REST Explorer will use the JSVA selected in the Managed Multiple JSVAs screen. Otherwise, you must set the server address and credentials manually.