Junos Space SDK > Device Simulator Guide

Starting the Junos Space Virtual Appliance (JSVA)

  1. Start the Oracle VM VirtualBox application.

  2. Select the SDK VM from the VM List pane (left-hand pane). The SDK VM is the Junos Space Virtual Appliance (JSVA).

  3. Click the Start icon located above the VM List pane, or right click the SDK VM and select Start from the context menu. The VM starts and the VM host terminal window appears:

    Note: The VM window captures all keyboard and mouse input after you click in it. The default key sequence for releasing the keyboard and mouse to the host OS is <Right-Ctrl>.

  4. When the login prompt appears, log into the VM with the username admin and password abc123. The SDK VM main menu appears.

  5. Select option 7> (Debug) run shell and enter the password abc123 when prompted. The OS shell prompt will appear, as shown above.

You can now run the Device configuration utilities and control commands.