Junos Space SDK

Device Simulator Guide

This guide provides instructions for configuring and using the Device Simulator included in the Juniper Space Virtual Appliance (JSVA).

The Device Simulator simulates a configurable number of Junos Space-managed devices. It is provided in the SDK so that SDK developers can develop and test their code against a Junos Space platform without a having a physical Junos Space platform and managed devices.

The Device Simulator is simple to configure and use. It contains a few shell scripts for configuring simulated device interfaces, generating device configuration files, and for stopping and starting the Device Simulator. These scripts are documented is this guide, as well as the manual steps the scripts automate.

The Device simulator supports a subset of the RPCs supported on the Junos platform. These RPCs, which can be called using the SDK Device Management REST APIs, are listed in this Guide. The XML formats used in the client requests and server responses for these RPC commands are defined in the Junos XML API Operational Reference.

This Device Simulator Guide contains these sections: