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Understanding the JSVA Menu Options

The JSVA console presents the user with a menu of options. These are intended to facilitate making changes to the user password, network configuration, and other configuration settings, and perform other useful operations without accessing the command line. This topic documents these options.

Note that most of the options require the admin password. The JSVA menu is shown below and its options are described in the following table.

JSVA Menu Options
1. Change Password Changes the administrative password. You will be prompted for the current password and a new password, with confirmation. If a "BAD Password" warning appears, it can be ignored. Also edit the JSpaceSDKPlugin.properties file in the Eclipse/Plugins/JunosSpaceSdkPlguin 1.0.1/ directory and update the PASSWORD = "abc123" to the new one.
2. Set DNS Servers This option provides a menu for adding and deleting name servers.
3. Change Time Options This option provides a menu for adding and deleting NTP servers. An NTP server added with this option must be reachable from the JSVA.
4. Retrieve Logs This option TARs log files on all cluster member servers. Options are provided for writing the TAR file to a USB drive or to an IP address through SCP.The SCP option will require you to specify user credentials and a target location for the file on a remote server that has a running ssh service.
5. Expand VM Drive Size Expands the size of disk storage using available unallocated disk space. For instructions for adding additional disk space to the JSVA, see Expanding the JSVA Virtual Disk
6. Security Provides options for enabling the firewall on the JSVA and for disabling SSH on the JSVA.
7. (Debug) run shell Opens a shell prompt for interacting with the JSVA OS.