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Viewing Messages for the Long Running Request

This topic describes how to enable the Chainsaw log viewer to view messages related to the long running requests. There is a logger configuration named net.jmp.juniper.notifications.lrr that specifically displays messages related to any long running requests (for example, Device Discovery or Change Requests). The logs are available only in the DEBUG configuration.

Note: Before you can view the messages you must set the log level to DEBUG for hornet-q notifications. You need to POST net.jmp.juniper.notifications.lrr in the /api/space/debuglog-management/categories. Refer to the example below:


POST          : /api/space/debuglog-management/categories
HTTP/1.1 Host : <host-name>:<port>
Authorization : Basic c3VwZXI6anVuaXBlcjEyMw==
Content-Type  : application/vnd.net.juniper.space.debuglog-management.category+xml;version=1;charset=UTF-8



To view the messages for Long Running Request using the Chainsaw log viewer:

  1. On the View menu, select Create custom expression LogPanel

  2. In the Define Tab text field, enter the expression "LOGGER ~= 'net.jmp.juniper.notifications.lrr'".

    The LOGGER ~= 'net.jmp.juniper.notifications.lrr' tab appears.