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Viewing Messages for Data Change Notifications

This topic describes how to enable the Chainsaw log viewer to view messages related to data change notifications. There is a logger configuration named net.jmp.juniper.notifications.database-changes which specifically displays messages related to any database change notifications (for example, User added/modified/deleted). The logs are available only in the DEBUG configuration.

Note: Before you can view the messages, it is necessary to set the log level to DEBUG for hornet-q notifications. You need to POST net.jmp.juniper.notifications.database-changes in the /api/space/debuglog-management/categories. Refer to the example below:


POST          : /api/space/debuglog-management/categories
HTTP/1.1 Host : <host-name>:<port>
Authorization : Basic c3VwZXI6anVuaXBlcjEyMw==
Content-Type  : application/vnd.net.juniper.space.debuglog-management.category+xml;version=1;charset=UTF-8



To view the messages for Data Change Notification using the Chainsaw log viewer, perform these steps:

  1. On the View menu select Create custom expression LogPanel

  2. Enter this expression in the Define Tab text field: "LOGGER ~= 'net.jmp.juniper.notifications.database-changes'".

    The LOGGER ~= 'net.jmp.juniper.notifications.database-changes' tab appears.

  3. Note : You can use a common filter by specifying LOGGER ~= net.jmp.juniper.notifications