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Using the Junos Space SDK Plug-In

The Junos Space SDK plug-in in the Eclipse IDE will enable you to develop, build, deploy, and debug Junos Space services or applications in an intuitive and user-friendly way. The plug-in provides a customized perspective (collection of different views), wizard-driven project creation, tree-view-based management of an application's module.xml configuration file, context sensitive help, and other features.

The following illustration depicts the application development and deployment process using the SDK IDE tools.

Each one of the steps in writing a Junos Space application is further described in the following sections. However, before you start the detailed descriptions, it is advisable to become more familiar with the Junos Space Perspective, Menus, and Custom Buttons.

  1. Defining Application Overview
  2. Initiate UI Builder IDE
  3. Write Application Business Logic
  4. Use REST Wizard To Create RESTful Resources
  5. Use REST Explorer to Browse and Test RESTful Resources
  6. UI Development
  7. Pre-stage and Test Application
  8. Auto-package
  9. Migrating to the Latest SDK