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Discovering Devices in Junos Space

Discovery refers to a process by which devices on the network are discovered and brought under Junos Space management. Once the simulated devices are under management they can be configured in Junos Space, either using the Junos Space UI or using the REST APIs.

The following procedure assumes the Junos Space SDK is being used as the Space platform. Adjust the IP addresses, credentials, and other platform-specific information in the following steps to match the Space platform you are using. Also, the procedure assumes that the devices are discovered in simulator. To discover devices on Junos Space platform you need to enable the Junos Space initiated connection (SIC).

Certain of the Junos Space UI screens require the Adobe Flash Player browser plug-in. The plug-in is available for download at http://adobe.com.

Note: When you reboot the JSVA, previously discovered simulated devices will appear in Space as being managed but not as started. You must delete the devices from Space and rediscover them in order for them to appear in Space in the "started" state.

  1. Open a browser and browse to (or https://<server-ip>/mainui in Bridge mode). The Space login screen appears.

  2. Log in with the username/password super/juniper123. The Junos Space main screen appears.

  3. Select the Devices node in the navigation menu.

  4. Select the Device Discovery node under the Devices node.

  5. Select the Discover Targets node under the Device Discovery node. The Discover Targets screen appears in the right-hand panel:

  6. Click the plus icon (+) at the bottom of the Discover Targets screen. The Add Device Target dialog box appears.

  7. In the Add Device Target dialog box, select the IP Range radio button, and in the IP range text box, enter the range you configured for the simulators when you ran the ./genAliasIntfSdk command (for example - to discovery 12 device simulators).

  8. Click Add to add the range.

  9. Click Next (located on the bottom of the screen) to display the Specify Probes screen.

  10. Verify that Use Ping is selected and Use SNMP is cleared.

  11. Click Next. The Specify Credentials screen appears.

  12. In the Specify Credentials screen, click the plus icon (+) to display the Add Device Login Credential dialog box.

  13. In Username, enter root. For the Password, enter and confirm netscreen. These credentials will be used by Space to log in to the device simulators:

  14. Click Add in the Add Device Login Credential dialog box.

  15. Click Discover on the Specify Credentials screen and watch the device simulators being discovered and managed in Space. After about one minute you will see all your devices in the blue Managed bar on the Discovery Status screen:

    Note that the number of devices you will see may be different than what appears in the image above.