Junos Space SDK Functionality

The functionality provided by the Junos Space SDK is represented in the following block diagram. The blocks are explained below.

Infrastructure Services

Are the fundamental capabilities for creating applications and services that want to leverage network services.  Examples of these services are persistence, security, component model, etc.

Network and Device Abstraction Services

Provides a model for interacting with devices that abstracts away the specifics of the device connection and communication protocols.

Foundation Services

Are the primary capabilities application for accessing network services. This includes the subscriber Intelligence, security Intelligence and App Experience.

Junos Space Platform

Is the packaging of Infrastructure Services, Foundation Services, and Device Abstraction Service as a unit of distribution.

User Interface Framework

Is a collection of user interface components that provide the look and feel of Junos Space Application.

Junos Space Application Palette

Is the single launch point for applications installed in the Junos Space Node.