Understanding the Ext-JS Designer from Sencha

Sencha equips developers with frameworks, tools, and services to help them build amazing Web application experiences using HTML5 and JavaScript. HTML5 and its associated technologies are transforming the browser into a first class application platform. Local structured storage, rich mediam, and deep device access are just a few of the newly available capabilities.

Sencha Documentation assists to create the frameworks and tools that empower developers to create amazing cross-browser app experiences that execute with precision and performance. Junos Space SDK creates application with necessary JavaScript, images, and servlet. All of these reside in web layer designed from Sencha styles.

To know more about how to use Sencha Ext-JS Designer to create JavaScript in the Junos Space SDK plug-in for Eclipse, see Using Ext-JS Designer With Junos Space SDK

For more information, see the Sencha Documentation.