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Reference Applications

Several reference applications are included in the Junos Space SDK to demonstrate the capability and features of the SDK and to inspire you to create your own quality applications. These applications are provided as Eclipse workspaces, installed by the SDK installer at (for Windows O/S) C:\Program Files\Juniper Networks\Junos Space SDK\docs\samples\Sample Applications.

For more information, see the following topics dedicated to each reference application:

Importing the Sample Reference Applications

Prerequisites: Make sure the reference application workspaces are present at C:\Program Files\Juniper Networks\Junos Space SDK\docs\samples\Sample Applications. Also verify that the JSVA is running.

To import a sample application into an Eclipse workspace:

  1. Launch Eclipse.
  2. Click File > Import. An import project pop-up wizard appears.

  3. Under the General menu, select the Existing Projects into Workspace option and click Next


  4. Click the Select archive file radio button and click Browse. A file browser appears.

  5. Browse to the SDK installation directory. The default installation directories on various platform are:
Windows 7         C:\Program Files (x86)\Juniper Networks\Junos Space SDK\docs\samples\Sample Applications
MAC                  ~/Juniper Networks/Junos Space SDK/docs/samples/Sample Applications
      ~/Juniper Networks/Junos Space SDK/docs/samples/Sample Applications

  1. Select the appropriate sample application (available as a zip file) from the following list. Click Open and a pop-up wizard appears.

  1. In Import Projects window, select all the projects for the application that are shown under Projects. Click Finish.

  3. The application is imported into the workspace. To import other sample reference applications, repeat this procedure starting at Step 5.

Note: For further practice, import the application, study it, and then try to create it from scratch.