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This topic walks you through the GoogleMashupApp reference application included in the SDK and the major steps used to create the application. You will learn how to:

This page provides an overview of the GoogleMashupApp reference application, its projects, and its tasks.

GoogleMashupApp Overview

The GoogleMashupApp application was created using the Eclipse SDK IDE. It is a mashup application type; that is, a native application with custom Web services and a user interface that is accessed from within the Junos Space UI. Native applications are fully hosted on and accessed only from within the Junos Space platform.

In this tutorial, you will walk through the high-level steps of creating the application manually and analyze the Java source used in the application. The Junos Space application consists of five Eclipse projects as shown in the Project Explorer of the Eclipse IDE. You can create a new workspace pointing to the GoogleMashupApp folder delivered with the SDK to view the complete application inside Eclipse.

GoogleMashupApp Projects

The projects in the GoogleMashupApp are shown in the following screen capture and are described below.

GoogleMashupApp Projects
GoogleMashupApp The master GoogleMashupApp project groups the other applications into an EAR package. This project contains the application.xml, jboss-app.xml, module.xml, and MANIFEST.MF files, as well as the EarContent directory containing library files shared among other projects.
GoogleMashupAppEJB This project normally contains J2EE interfaces and services (session and entity beans) for server-side business logic. It is created automatically when you create an application with the Space IDE plug-in. The EJB project is not used in this application.
GoogleMashupAppWeb This project contains the web layer for the GoogleMashupApp application. All necessary Java Script files, images, and servlet generation code reside in this project.
GoogleMashupAppWebSvc This project contains the GoogleMashup REST web services.
system.sar This project contains components which allow the application to be plugged into the Junos Space platform environment.

GoogleMashupApp Tasks

There are two Junos Space "tasks" in the application:

The screens for these tasks are shown below.