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Using Module.xml Editor to Create GoogleMashupApp Tasks

GoogleMashupApp Application, Workspace, and Tasks parameters are specified in the module.xml file.
Module.xml file for this application can be edited using the special editor, available through the Eclipse menu, Juno Space > Edit Module.xml.

A good starting place for defining the GoogleMashupApp-module.xml file is to define the tasks, then the workspace, and finally the application-level parameters.

Specifying Tasks

GoogleMashupApp performs two tasks—ViewDevicesTask and DevicesOnMapTask—corresponding to the two functions the application performs. The Application Module is GooogleMashupApp. The Workspace is the workspace you create under all-workspaces. Note the setting of the Add to Ribbon and Is Enabled By Default checkboxes. These cause the task to appear in the workspace navigator tree (in Space GUI) and the task to be enabled by default respectively.

To display the task on navigator tree, using module.xml by UI Configuration the below given parameters for UI.

  1. Top Level JS File - The Top level *.JS location for ViewDevices Task is /GooogleMashupAppWeb/js/tasks/viewdevicestask/ViewDevicesTask.js
  2. Ext.ns - The name space is Js.viewdevicestask.

Note: Note that having the task and workspace icons is a legacy from an old Ribbon-based Space GUI.  With the new, navigator-based GUI, the only icon which is actually required for your application is the Application Icon in the all-apps node of module.xml editor's Tree View.  Also note that the Application Icon doesn't actually appear, anywhere in the GUI, but it required to be uploaded, for your application to show up in the Space Navigator application chooser combo box.

The Tool Tip, Task, Hover, and Select icon fields set the icons that appear in the Space UI for the task.

Specifying Workspace and Task Parameters

The workspace you create for the application (GoogleMashupAppWS) defines parameters for the Space workspace the application uses. This includes fields used in the workspace. Finally, the application-level parameters specify how the application will appear in the main Space UI landing page.