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Creating the Application in Eclipse

Creating the GoogleMashupApp application in Eclipse involves creating the project using the Eclipse Junos Space SDK plug-in, configuring the module.xml file using the Module.xml editor view, coding the web UI Java Script, and coding the Web service.

Creating the Projects

The application was created by clicking the Space button or selecting Junos Space | Create New Application. The Create Complete Junos Space Application option is selected at the project creation screen.

At the Project Structure screen of the wizard where you define project references, leave both EJB and Web service options selected. When you click Finish, the SDK plug-in creates the required projects and stub files and copies the required libraries, build scripts, and other files into place.

Two of these stub files, the interface GoogleMashupApp.java and its implementation file GoogleMashupApp.java will be modified heavily during the application's development, and other class files to hold device data and a collection of devices will be created.