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Defining Space UI Icons in the Module.xml Editor

Application Icons in the Module.xml Editor is a legacy feature.  In Junos Space 12.3, platform and application navigation has changed, and most of the icons are no longer used.  Therefore, you no longer need to attach/upload these icons to the Module.xml Editor.

Only the following icons are still required for your application:

Application Icons

There are two application that you need to upload: the Application icon and the Application manager icon.

Application Icon

You still need to upload this icon to the Module.xml Editor, but this icon will not display anywhere in the Space UI. Therefore, this is just a place holder, and it does not really matter what kind of icon you upload here.

Application Manager Icon

The Application Manager icon is the only other icon you need to upload to the Module.xml Editor. This icon appears in Quick View of the Application Manager in Space UI.

Platform Help

The Space UI provides platform Help that can be accessed through<Port-Number>/mainui.

Note: The platform Help is provided through the Apache web server that listens on port number 443/8443. Therefore if you use any other port number for example 8080 it will result in error (HTTP Status Code 404).