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Generating a Build Script

The Junos Space SDK plug-in allows you to generate a build script that helps to automate the Junos Space application build procedure. This feature creates:

After being generated, these scripts become a part of the application and should be checked in with the application.

Note: The package.sh file is a shell script that can be executed only in a Linux-based build system. Ensure that you assign execute permission (+x) to this file.

Generating the Build Script

To generate a build script:

  1. Start the Eclipse IDE.

  2. Select the Junos Space > Generate Build Script option. A wizard is launched.

  3. In the Generate Build Scripts window, enter the appropriate values to generate a complete application image:

  4. Click Finish. The package.sh and build.xml files are created in the build directory of the EAR project. The build.xml file is also generated in the build directory of each project of the Junos Space application, as shown below.

The shell scripts required to generate RPM and the complete application package of the Junos Space application are bundled in a zip file named image_operation.zip. This file is copied into the build directory of the EAR project. Also, a package.sh file is generated in the build directory of the EAR project. If you are using the the Windows operating system, invoke the build.xml file (which is placed at /build). If you are using the Linux operating system, the package.sh script invokes the build.xml script, which is located at <EAR Project>/build. The build.xml file builds the entire project by performing the following tasks:

Note: When you use the default IDE certificate and private keys, both are copied to the build directory of the EAR project.