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Features in the Sample Reference Applications

Several reference applications are provided with the Junos Space SDK as examples of working Space applications. The following table shows which main features of the Junos Space SDK are implemented in which of these reference applications.

Junos Space SDK Feature HelloSpace HelloWorld GoogleMashupApp
Application Databases   Yes  
Application Startup Logic through (AppEnabledCallback Interface)

Audit Logging with REST APIs   Yes  
Database Transactions   Yes  
Ext JS 4.0 Charts   Yes  
Hibernate/JPA Usage   Yes  
HTML Tasks Yes    
Long Running Requests (LRRs) and Scheduling
Master-Detail UI Screens Yes    
Optimistic Locking


REST APIs Yes Yes Yes
REST API Error Handling Yes Yes  
REST Wizard Usage Yes Yes  
UIs Created with Sencha Ext Designer Yes    
UI Notifications


Uploading Files with Wizard multipart code generation
Web Services Mashups     Yes

For more information, see Reference Applications.