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Expanding the JSVA Virtual Disk

The JSVA console menu provides an option for expanding the amount of disk space in the JSVA. This option requires that unallocated virtual disk space be available. The latter is added using features in VirtualBox (4.0).

This topic provides instructions for added virtual disk space to a VM and for allocating it for use by the JSVA OS.

  1. If the JSVA is running, shut it down.
  2. In the VirtualBox main window, select File > Virtual Media Manager and click New. The Create New Virtual Disk wizard starts.
  3. At the initial screen of the Create New Virtual Disk wizard, click Next.
  4. Select Dynamically expanding storage and click Next. The Virtual Disk Location and Size screen appears.
  5. In the Location field, enter any name you want. In the Size field, enter the size you want (16 GB or more) as shown below.

  7. Click Next. The Summary screen appears. Review the settings you entered and click Finish to accept them or click Back to change them. The new disk will be created and shown in the Virtual Disk Manager.

  9. Close the Virtual Media Manager.
  10. In the VirtualBox main window, select the JSVA from the VM list and click the Settings icon. At the Settings window that opens, select Storage.
  11. Right-click the SCSI Controller and at the context menu that appears, select Add New Hard Disk. The hard disk created above will be added. (You can also choose other disks if it does not add the intended disk on the right side using the folder menu.)
  12. Click OK.

  13. Power on the virtual machine, log in, and run the Expand VM Size menu option. Confirm the operation and enter the password as prompted. Console messages like those shown below will appear as the expansion is performed. When the main menu returns, the process is complete.