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Creating a Junos Space Application

To create a new Junos Space application in the SDK plug-in:

  1. Launch the Eclipse IDE.

  2. To open a wizard for entering a project name, click the Space Logo (with a plus sign) button in the toolbar.

    Alternatively, you can navigate to Junos Space > Create New Application.

  3. Enter the name for your project in the Project Name field.

    Note: This also changes the Projects To Be Created, Project Context Root Information, and Database Name fields on the form.

  4. Under the Contents section choose the type of application to create:

    • Complete Junos Space Application
    • Web Service Junos Space Application
    • UI Only Junos Space Application
  5. In the Project Context Root Information area of the wizard, examine what is generated in the following fields:

    • UI Context Root
    • API Contect Root

    Most of the time, the default value in these fields is what you want to specify for your application.

    Note: The UI Context Root information will be recorded in the context-root node of the application.xml file for the HelloWorldWeb.war web module.

  6. Optionally, select the Create Application Database checkbox to create a separate database for your application. This option is available only if you have selected either the "Create Complete Junos Space Application" or "Create Web Service Junos Space Application" options. By default, the name of the database is same as the application name, but you can also specify a different name.

  7. Click Next.

    The Project Structure page appears where you specify a project reference. Select the project reference for the type of SDK application you are creating. This page allows you to define the project dependency in the Junos Space application. By default, the EJB project is referenced by the Web service project, and the Web service project itself is referenced by the Web project in a complete Junos Space application.

  8. Click Finish. The Junos Space application is created, consisting of the following project types:

    The Junos Space perspective will be launched, which consists of the following views:

    • Project Archives
    • Data Source Explorer
    • Project Explorer
    • Error Log
    • Console View