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Managing Multiple JSVAs

The Junos Space SDK plug-in performs many operations that require a connection to a virtualized environment, such as to Junosphere or to a Junos Space Virtual Appliance (JSVA). Junosphere is a virtualization environment in which multiple virtual machines representing network devices can be connected and configured to create network topologies.

The Junos Space SDK plug-in allows you to manage multiple Junosphere or JSVA profiles, but the plug-in requires an active profile for connecting to Junosphere or a JSVA. By default, an active profile is specified during SDK installation. You can change this default and activate any other configured profile at any time.

Note: If the chainsaw logger or debug session is active while you modify the active session, your changes are not saved. You must stop the chainsaw logger or debug session before modifying the active session, and then manually restart the logger or debug session after you are finished.

To configure JSVA profiles, either select File > Junos Space > Manage Multiple JSVAs from the Eclipse Menu or click on the Manage Multiple JSVA's button in the Eclipse Main Toolbar:

  1. In the Manage Multiple JSVAs window, click the appropriate button to configure JSVA profiles:

  3. Click the Finish button to save the configured profiles.