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Changing Junos Space IP Addresses

This topic provides instructions for changing the virtual IP address used to access the Junos Space UI, and the management IP address used by Junos Space to manage devices (the "eth3" IP address in the JSVA).

Note: Change Junos Space IP address in the Bridged Mode only.

In Bridged Mode, by default, "eth0" interface is used for both, device management and ssh operations on the server.  However, you may want to use an additional device management interface.  For this purpose, only "eth3" can be used.  You must first make sure that the virtual IP  - "eth3" is created on your hyper-visor or appliance.  This must be done prior to the initial server installation or switching to bridged mode using the switchNtwkMode.pl script.  Once the server comes up, it will ask you an additional question to configure an IP address for an additional device management interface.

These changes are performed in the Junos Space Network Settings screen as described below.

  1. In the Space UI, select Administration >  Fabric from the tree navigation panel.

  3. Click the Space Node Settings node in the navigation tree.   A screen similar to the following appears:

  5. To change the IP address used to browse to the Space UI, edit the value in the Fabric Virtual IP field.
  6. To change the IP address of a management interface used by Junos Space, click the pencil icon to the left of the Name field for the interface and edit the value of the IP address.
  7. Click Modify.

Note that if you change the IP address from the default, you must also edit the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file in the JSVA and change the sshd service "listen" address to <new IP address>:22.

In addition, you must change the address assigned to the HOSTNAME variable in the SDK Eclipse plug-in properties file on the development workstation: eclipse\plugins\JunosSpaceSdkPlugin_<version>\JSpaceSDKPlugin.properties.