Application Development and Publishing

The process of application creation and publication can be divided into these steps:

  1. Application development:
    1. Create an application using IDE, specifying the application type.
    2. Code application using available reference documentation.
    3. Build the application using IDE
    4. Deploy the application to platform simulator using IDE
    5. Platform simulator sets up the Device simulator and configures it for communication with devices
    6. Test the application EAR file created by IDE
    7. Package the application into an image without certificate. The packaging includes all the relevant scripts, third party components, etc., bundled into an RPM file.
    8. Deploy the non-certified image to the platform simulator
    9. Test the deployed image


  2. Application publication:
    1. Request a certificate for the created application via email.
    2. The issuing authority generates a certificate for the application and sends it via email.
    3. Package the application with certificate. The packaging will create an application image bundled with the newly acquired certificate.
    4. Test the image with certificate on platform simulator.
    5. Request publishing authority to publish the application image.
    6. Publishing authority notifies developer of the publishing status.

The following illustration shows the development process, using the IDE to simplify application development.