Adding Database Migration Support

If the new version of application requires a change of the database schema, any existing databases must be migrated to use the new schema during deployment. The Junos Space SDK plug-in includes functionality that helps you create the migration script. This topic guides explains the process of creating the migration script.

Database Migration Steps

  1. Click File | Junos Space | Generate Database Migration Script. The Generate Database Migration Script screen is displayed.

  3. Enter the user name and password. If a default password is displayed, enter the appropriate password else leave it blank. By default "root" is displayed in the User Name field.

  5. Click the Test Connection button to validate the user name and password (entered by the user). If these credentials are invalid
    an error message, "Invalid credentials entered or JSVA is not running" is displayed. Otherwise, the "Connection Successful" message is displayed.
  6. Click the Finish button. SQL file with the default name "migrateDB.SQL" present in the config folder of the EAR project is opened.
    Note: If the file is not created already, it is created and opened automatically.


Note: You can test the SQL file, right-clicking the Execute All sub menu.