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Invoking Junos Space Custom Rules

This topic describes the process of invoking Junos Space custom rules to validate Junos Space applications using one of the following procedures.

PMD Eclipse Plug-in

  1. Use the PMD perspective to validate the Junos Space application. Click Window > Preferences > PMD > Rule Configuration to open the PMD Rule configuration wizard.

  3. Select "Rule set" as the "Rules grouped by" option, and check all the "Junos Space" rules in the list.
  4. To execute PMD, right-click the Web Service project, select PMD and click the Check Code option.

  6. The Violations Overview and Violation Outline views are automatically exposed when PMD is executed.  Validation results are displayed, here:

  8. To generate a report, click Generate Reports from the context menu. Reports are generated in HTML, CSV, XML, or TXT formats in the Web Service project in the reports folder.

Build Process

Click Junos Space > Build/Deploy Junos Space Application, the application wizard is opened. To validate the application by using Junos Space custom rules, select the Validate Application checkbox.



Click Junos Space > Build/Deploy and Package for Distribution the application wizard. To validate the application using Junos Space custom rules, select the Validate Application checkbox.


Click Finish. The Junos Space SDK validates the application. A report is published as 'junos-space-app-validation-report.html' in the EAR project.

Note: The build process is aborted if a validation error is reported by PMD. In case of validation warnings or information the build procedure is not interrupted.