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The REST Wizard in the Platform Environment

This topic explains what is specific to the REST Wizard launched in the Platform environment (CEMS or CMP workspaces).

Legacy Services

Platform source code contains REST services that were created manually. You cannot direclty edit such legacy services with the REST Wizard. Any attempt to edit the service will result in an error message. However, the Wizard obtains the list of these services from the rest-mapping.xml file and provides the you with the ability to create new versions of the legacy services. Creating a new version of a legacy service creates a REST Service controlled by the REST Wizard that can be edited normally.

Generation of Legacy DTO Schema

The Wizard is unable to build a full-functional model for the legacy services. This limits the REST Wizards's ability to determine the legacy DTO media type. However, it is still possible to generate an XSD for a legacy DTO, but its media type (and the XSD filename) is guessed. In most cases, the guess is correct, but we recommended that you review the resulting XSD filename.