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Validating an Imported Junos Space Application

When an existing Junos Space application is imported into Eclipse, and then is validated using the PMD Eclipse plug-in, the application is not validated by Junos Space custom rules automatically. To validate the application, import the junos-space-ruleset.xml file from the Eclipse directory.

Note: If existing Junos Space application is validated in Eclipse using build process, Junos Space custom rules are applied automatically.

  1. Import the "junos-space-ruleset.xml" file. Click Window > Preferences > PMD > Rules Configuration in Eclipse. The system displays the Rules Configuration wizard that contains default PMD rules.

    Note: You can delete the default rules by clicking the 'Clear all' button.

  3. Import the Junos Space custom rule set. Click Import rule set. The system displays the PMD Plug-in screen. Browse and select "junos-space-ruleset.xml" file in Eclipse directory. Click OK.

    Note: To copy the rules in workspace settings select the Import by Copy checkbox.

  5. The system prompts for a full rebuild. Click Yes.

  7. The Rules Configuration screen displays all the rules imported from the "junos-space-ruleset.xml" file.