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Managing REST Services

This topic describes capabilities provided as part of Manage REST Services. To access this function, select Junos Space > Manage REST Services. This function assists the developer with managing all Java interfaces and their corresponding REST-enabled versions. A list of all REST services can be viewed and accessed for management through this submenu.

To access and manage a REST resource:

  1. Click on the Junos Space menu and select Manage REST Services. This opens the Source Target Mapping wizard dialog.
  2. To manage a rest resource, select the Service URI row associated with the resource and click on the appropriate action button. Action buttons include Create New Service, Create New Version, Edit Existing Version, or Delete Existing Version.
  3. Item Description
    Service URI The URL of the API being RESTified.
    Version Version of the REST resource.
    REST Source Interface The simply class name of the output REST resource interface.
    Description Service description, if available

Note: If you select the wrong path here, you will not be able to go back and change it later, without re-RESTifying the entire service.

    Note: The wizard does not currently support multiple EJB interfaces to a single REST interface mapping. If you want to use multiple EJB interfaces for a single REST service, you must create a single shim-layer EJB, which calls other EJB methods.