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Adding Online Help to Junos Space Applications

The Junos Space SDK provides a mechanism for incorporating HTML-based help files into your application's workspace. Place the HTML help files and related resources in a single folder. Use the Module.xml editor to copy the help folder into the the web/help directory of the Web project. Module.xml also creates a template file named <WorkspaceNAME>-index.html in the uploaded help folder. Edit this file to provide hyperlinks to individual topics for application users to browse.

If multiple workspaces refer to the same help folder, then the existing help folder is merged with the new one. For each workspace there is a separate -index.html file in the help directory.

Users of your application can view your help files by clicking the question mark (?) icon when in the application workspace. A help pane appears, loaded with the index.html file that you have edited to include links to your specific help files.

To upload a help folder:

  1. Start the Eclipse IDE.
  2. Select File > Junos Space > Edit Module.xml.
  3. Select an appropriate workspace under all-workspaces.
  4. Ensure all of your individual application help files are contained in a single base directory. Click the Upload button to select and then upload this help directory.

  5. After the help content is uploaded, it is copied to the web/help directory for that Web project.

  6. Edit the <WorkspaceNAME>-index.html file to add HTML hyperlinks to the proper files in your help folder.
  7. Note: Your <a> link elements should always include a <target> attribute with the value "_blank" (target="_blank") so that the linked help files open in a new browser window. Refer to the example below for the proper usage.

  8. After adding the help topics in the <WorkspaceNAME>-index.html file, build and deploy the application.
  9. Navigate to the main Space UI screen. Click the application icon to launch the workspace for which you have added help content.

  11. Click the "question mark" (?) icon at the top right corner of the workspace window.
  12. The workspace help links as configured in the <WorkspaceNAME>-index.html file are displayed.