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Each REST application has an App-Info.xml file associated with it (see example for Hello World). The JSSDK plug-in provides a special editor for this XML file. App-Info.xml provides information for two important documentation pages:

  1. Application Guides page:
    The Application Guides page provides a list of one or more applications and a summary description of that application. This page is intended to include information on one or more applications. It is a summary reference to applications to be documented and deployed on the Junos Space Platform.
  2. Application page:
    The Application page provides more detailed information about the application being documented.

To open the editor, select Edit AppInfo.xml in the Junos Space menu. Two fields are of interest to documentation writers: Title and Description.

Application Guides Page

The Title and Description fields map to their Title and Description values in the Application Guides documentation page:

Application Page

The documentation page also shows the same values for Title and Description: