REST API Services

The following web services are exposed as RESTful APIs:

Service Name Service Root Description
Application Management /api/space/application-management

The Application Management Service provides information on applications hosted on Junos Space.

Audit Log Management /api/space/audit-log-management

The Audit Log Management Service provides a listing of audit logs that are recorded for operations initiated by either the Space UI or REST APIs in the system.

Configuration File Management /api/space/config-file-management

The Configuration File Management Service allows the user to backup and restore configurations to or from devices managed by Junos Space.

Configuration Management /api/space/configuration-management

The Configuration Management Service provides the capability to view change requests and to deploy them to devices.

Configuration Template Management /api/space/config-template-management The Configuration Template Management service allows a user to create, manage, and deploy configuration templates to a list of devices.
Debug Log Management /api/space/debuglog-management

The Debug Log Management Service allows a developer to configure log levels on a specific class name or package.

Device Image Management /api/space/software-management

The Device Image Management Service provides for management of all device software packages.

Device Management /api/space/device-management

The Device Management Service provides information on devices.

Fault and Performance /api/space/opennms Fault and Performance APIs provide monitoring capabilities using OpenNMS. It offers features such as data collection, discovery, event management and service monitoring for networks.
Info Service /api/info The Info Service provides metadata related to URL, media-type, and specific media type versions and schema corresponding to a media-type.
Inventory Management /api/space/managed-domain

The Inventory Management Services provides an inventory of all managed nodes in Junos Space.

Job Management /api/space/job-management The Job Management Service provides information about all Junos Space jobs.
Script Management /api/space/script-management

The Script Management Service provides the capability to efficiently manage device scripts and to deploy them to managed devices.

Tag Management /api/space/tag-management

The Tag Management Service provides the capability to tag and untag existing resources in Junos Space.

User Management /api/space/user-management

The User Management Service provides information on all registered users in Junos Space.

Well Known Service /.well-known/host-meta The Well Known Service provides a REST resource which can be used to get the metadata for a service.