Script Management API

/api/space/script-management/scripts (v1)

The following operations are supported on this resource:

GET /api/space/script-management/scripts (v1)

This API finds all available scripts in the Junos Space database and returns a list of available scripts. The API supports the paging, filtering, and sorting of data.

Filtering and Sorting is supported on key and scriptName columns.


Access Control

The following capabilities are required to access this API:

Example Usage

GET /api/space/script-management/scripts

Content Types

  • Produces content types:

  • Sample Output XML:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
    <scripts size="2">
       <script key = "1114117" uri="/api/space/script-management/scripts/1114117">
       <script key = "1114234" uri="/api/space/script-management/scripts/1114234">
       <script key = "111412" uri="/api/space/script-management/scripts/111412">
       <method href="/api/space/script-management/scripts/exec-deploy" rel="deploy script on device"/>
       <method href="/api/space/script-management/scripts/exec-scripts" rel="execute script on device"/>

  • Sample Output JSON:
    @size: 2
       @key: 1114117
       @uri: /api/space/script-management/scripts/1114117
       scriptName: cpu-usage-60.slax
       @key: 1114234
       @uri: /api/space/script-management/scripts/1114234
       scriptName: op-pingsweep.slax
       @key: 111412
       @uri: /api/space/script-management/scripts/111412
       scriptName: slax-event1.slax
       @rel:deploy script on device
       @rel:execute script on device

    For the current version of this API, refer to :
  • version 2