Script Management API


The following operations are supported on this resource:

GET /api/space/script-management/scripts/{script-id}/contents (v1)

This API finds and returns script details along with basic script data available on Junos Space.

Access Control

The following capabilities are required to access this API:

Example Usage

GET /api/space/script-management/scripts/{script-id}/contents


NameTypeURI TypeDescriptionRequired
script-idIntegerPathThe ID of the script to get from Junos Space Y

Content Types

  • Produces content types:

  • Sample Output XML:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
          <comments>Script is imported for the first time</comments>
          <scriptContents>ns junos .....</scriptContents>
          <collection href="/api/space/script-management/scripts/1114117/results" rel="script verification results"/>

  • Sample Output JSON:
          id: 1114117
          scriptName: cpu-usage-60.slax
          type: TYPE_EVENT
          format: FORMAT_SLAX
          lastestRevision: 1.1
          comments: Script is imported for the first time
          scriptSize: 7520
          scriptContents: ns junos .....
          @rel:script verification results