Device Management API

/api/space/device-management/discover-devices (v1)

The following operations are supported on this resource:

POST /api/space/device-management/discover-devices (v1)

This API is used to discover devices.

Access Control

The following capabilities are required to access this API:

Example Usage

Since this API makes an asynchronous method call, the user must specify a queue parameter with this API.

POST /api/space/device-management/discover-devices?queue-url=<queue-url>&schedule-time=<schedule-time>

Note: It is assumed that the queue denoted by <queue-url> has, already, been created.


NameTypeURI TypeDescriptionRequired
queue-urlURLQueryA fully qualified queue URL, where job progress notifications will be sent (See Asynchronous API Usage)Y
schedule-timecron-like-expressionQuerySchedule this API in the future, by specifying a cron-like-expression (See Job Scheduling)N

Content Types

    For the current version of this API, refer to :
  • version 2