Device Management API

The Device Management Service provides information on devices. The service allows users to discover new devices and view devices configurations. The Device Management Service can be used to remove a device entry from the database or to send multiple RPC commands to a device. The service can also be used to fetch change requests, synchronize or import configuration of a device, or other tasks.

A list of REST URIs is provided in the Resources section to perform various operations.

Service Root


Methods and Collections


REST Resources

Asynchronous APIs

The following APIs support asynchronous method calls. A precondition to making an asynchronous method call is that a queue has been previously created and a user must pass the created queue name as a query parameter in the URL. For further details, see the following:

  • /devices/get-syslog-events POST

  • /devices/{id} DELETE

  • /devices/{id}/exec-resync POST

  • /devices/{id}/exec-rpc POST

  • /discover-devices POST

  • For receiving asynchronous responses on a queue URL, see the following links:

  • Asynchronous API Usage.

  • For more information about job scheduling, see the following links:

  • Job Scheduling.