Configuration Management API

The Configuration Management Service provides the capability to view change requests and to deploy them to devices.

The Configuration Management (ChangeRequest) Service allows a consumer of the API to create, modify, and get all the change requests present in the system.

A list of REST URIs is provided below for managing change request related data.

Service Root


Methods and Collections


REST Resources

Asynchronous APIs

The following APIs support asynchronous method calls. A precondition to making an asynchronous method call is that a queue has been previously created and a user must pass the created queue name as a query parameter in the URL. For further details, see the following:

  • /change-requests POST

  • /change-requests POST

  • For receiving asynchronous responses on a queue URL, see the following links:

  • Asynchronous API Usage.

  • For more information about job scheduling, see the following links:

  • Job Scheduling.