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    Using Alert Definition

    To use alert definition:

    1. Select Alerts>Definition.

      The Alert Definition Page is displayed.

    2. Click a column header.
    3. Select an option. The available options are:
      • Sort Ascending—Sorts logs in the ascending order.
      • Sort Descending—Sorts logs in the descending order.
      • Columns—Provides a list of columns with check boxes you use to select or deselect options to add or remove columns from the alert generation table. Table 1 displays the columns that you can add to the alert generation table.

        Table 1: Alert Generation Columns

        Column Name



        Provides the option to select the available alerts.


        Specifies the name of the alert.


        Specifies the description of the alert.


        Specifies the filter generating the alerts.


        Specifies the recipients of the alerts generated from the alert definitions.


        Specifies the active alerts.

        Alert Type

        Specifies the alert type.

    Published: 2014-04-30