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Setting Up QFabric Systems


This topic describes how to set up a QFabric using Network Director.

To start setting up a QFabric:

  1. Select Build from the Network Director banner.
  2. Select the QFabric to set up in the View pane.
  3. Select Setup QFabric from the Device Management section of the Task pane.

    The Node Alias page of the Setup QFabric wizard opens.

This topic describes:

Managing Node Aliases

Use the Node Alias page to manage aliases for QFabric nodes.

For a description of the information shown in the Manage Node Alias table, see Table 1.

To assign aliases to nodes:

  1. To change one node’s alias, click its Alias (To edit, click individual cell) table cell, then enter the new alias.
  2. To assign automatic aliases to a group of nodes:
    1. Select the nodes from the list by selecting their check boxes.
    2. Click Auto-alias selected devices.

      The Auto-alias selected devices window opens.

    3. Enter auto-aliasing parameters in the window:

      The Selected Devices field shows the number of selected devices. All selected devices will be auto-aliased.

      • Node Name—Enter a string to use as a prefix in the automatically generated node names.

      • Starts With—Enter a number. This number is appended to the alias prefix of the first node that is automatically aliased. The number is incremented in the alias of the remaining selected nodes.

      The New Aliases field shows a preview of the new aliases as you change the parameters.

    4. Click OK.

      Alias are automatically assigned to the selected nodes.

  3. Click Next to continue the wizard.

    The Node Groups page opens.

Table 1: Manage Node Alias Table



Device Serial Number

Serial number of the node.

Alias (To edit, click individual cell)

Alias of the node. Click the alias name to edit it.

Device Type

Device type of the node.

Connection State

Connection state of the node.

Managing Node Groups

Use the Node Groups page to manage QFabric node groups.

This step of the Setup QFabric wizard is the same as the separate Manage Node Groups task. You can manage node groups by using either method. For information about managing node groups, see Creating and Managing Node Groups for a QFabric System.

Click Next to continue the wizard.

The Selected CPE Switch(es) page opens.

Identifying CPE Switches

Use the Identify CPE Switch(es) page to identify the switches that comprise the QFabric system control plane network.

To identify the control plane switches:

  1. To add a control plane switch
    1. Click Add. The Please Select Devices window opens.
    2. Select the control plane switches from the list.
    3. Click OK.
  2. To remove a control plane switch, select it from the list, then click Remove.
  3. Click Next to continue the wizard.

    The Review page opens.

Reviewing the QFabric Summary and Deploying Changes

In the Review page, review the QFabric setup with the changes you made. Expand the folders under the QFabric icon to see the fabric’s components. To make any changes, click Back to return to a previous step, or click the step in the wizard flowchart at the top of the page.

To deploy the changes you made to the QFabric system click Deploy.