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Installing Network Director


Before you begin:

You can install Network Director on Junos Space Network Management Platform by using one of the following methods:


OpenNMS is disabled automatically when Network Director is installed in Junos Space Network Management Platform 19.4R1. This is applicable only for a fresh installation.

Installing Network Director From Junos Space Store

Starting Release 18.2R1, Junos Space Platform provides Junos Space store from where you can download and install or upgrade Network Director in a single operation. On the Junos Space store pagPe, you can view the versions of Network Director that are compatible with the currently installed version of Junos Space Platform.


Before you install or upgrade Network Director by using Junos Space store, you must configure the credentials to access Junos Space Store. For information see, Configuring and Managing Junos Space Store.

To install Network Director from Junos Space Store:

  1. Click Administration > Applications > Junos Space Store.

    The Junos Space Store opens. Junos Space Store lists all the applications that can be installed on the Junos Space Platform.

  2. Click Network Director.

    The right-side of the page lists the Network Director versions that can be installed on Junos Space Platform.

  3. (Optional) Select the Show only compatible version check box to list only the compatible versions of Network Director that can be installed on the current installed version of Junos Space Platform.
  4. Click Next to install Network Director.

    The end user license agreement page appears.

  5. Click Accept and install to install Network Director.

    The Network Director installation job status appears. The status indicates each step that is completed while Network Director is getting installed.

    Once installed successfully, Network Director is listed on the Applications page (Administration > Applications).

Installing Network Director by Manually Downloading the Network Director Application Image

Download the Junos Space Network Director Release 3.9R1 software image to the hard disk or to an SCP server. The SCP server where you download the Network Director image should be a Linux server. You can download the Network Director Software image from the Network Director Download Software page.

To install Junos Space Network Director:

  1. Log in to Junos Space.
  2. Click the add symbol (+) adjacent to the Administration and click Applications.

    The Administration > Applications page opens.

  3. Click add symbol (+) symbol to add the Network Director application.

    The Add Application page opens.

  4. You can upload the Network Director release image file by using HTTP or by using SCP:

    To upload the image file using HTTP:

    1. Click Upload via HTTP.

      The Upload Software via HTTP page opens.

    2. Click Browse to select the Network Director image file. You can either navigate to the local directory and select the Network Director software image, or copy and paste the download URL in the Software File if the image is not already downloaded to the local directory.

      Your browser opens a dialog box to browse the Network Director image file.

    3. Click Open to download the image file.
    4. Click Upload to upload the image file.

      A notification about the progress in the upload is displayed.

    To upload the image file using SCP if you have a Linux server:

    1. Click Upload via SCP.

      The Upload Software via SCP page opens.

      Enter the following secure copy credentials to upload the image from a remote server to Junos Space.

      • Enter the user name of the remote server.

      • Enter the password of the remote server and reenter the password in the Confirm Password field.

      • Enter the host IP address of the remote server.

      • Enter the path of the remote server to which you have copied the Network Director image file.

    2. Click Upload to load the Network Director image file into Junos Space.

      The Upload Application Job Information dialog opens.

  5. Click OK to skip viewing the job results and to take you back to the Administration > Applications > Add Application page..
  6. Select Network Director and click Install.
  7. Click OK in the Application Configuration window dialog box.

    You can check the Job Status page to view the progress of the installation job. Once the installation completes, Network Director appears on the Applications page. The Network Director application also appears in the Application Chooser (at the upper-left corner).

  8. (Optional) Bookmark this page in your browser for future use.

    You can use the bookmarked URL to log in to Network Director without logging in to Junos Space first.