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Viewing Bare Metal Server Details


Bare metal servers balances the scalability and automation of the virtualized cloud data center. They are not virtualized and do not run a hypervisor. The bare metal server hardware is fully dedicated to the tenant. Bare metal servers are ideal in data centers that require to perform short-term, data-intensive functions without any kind of latency or overhead delays.

In Network Director, you can have data centers that are a combination of bare metal servers, network devices, and optionally a cloud infrastructure. You can view details about the bare metal servers in your data center using the View Baremetal Server task.

To view details about bare metal servers in your data center:

  1. While in Build mode with Datacenter View selected, select Baremetal Servers under any data center from the View pane and click Inventory > View Baremetal Servers from the Tasks pane.

    The View Baremetal Servers page displays details about the baremetal servers that are part of the selected data center, as shown in Table 1.

    Table 1: Baremetal Server Details




    Host name of the server.

    IP Address

    IP address of the server.

    Vendor Name

    Name of the server hardware vendor.

    Operating System

    The operating system that is running on the server.