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Using OpenStack with VMware NSX


You can have your cloud data center use OpenStack as the cloud infrastructure provider and VMware NSX as the networking provider. The physical network that is being used by the network virtualization software, in this case, the one comprising the Juniper Network devices, is called underlay and the logical networking entities created by VMware NSX are called overlay. Although the physical network is abstracted out by VMware NSX, there are several networking scenarios where the underlay management might be required.

Following are some such scenarios:

  • Configuring the underlay to make it ready for overlay. For example, Layer 3 Fabric configuration and MTU configuration.

  • Hosts or virtual machines (VMs) in overlay networks need to communicate with hosts or VMs in a non-overlay network.

  • Troubleshooting networking issues in an overlay network.

  • Monitoring the load of overlay traffic on physical network devices.

  • Connect overlay networks across multiple data centers or locations through traditional physical networking devices as a gateway.

  • Hardware or software maintenance on physical network devices.

You can create your cloud data center that uses OpenStack and VMware NSX, in Network Director and discover the networking components by using the discover data center task. Once you have discovered the OpenStack and NSX controller, you can view and manage your cloud data center and the various components from the Datacenter View in Network Director.